About Us

We are a small group interested in paranormal activity, based in Altoona, Pa. but investigate in all of Central Pa and beyond. 


      When we, John and Beth, first started Paranormal Investigating in 2009, we didn't think about forming a team or posting things on the internet. We were just out to find answers for ourselves. While Honeymooning at the Spalding Inn (TAPS owned) in New Hampshire, we had an incident where we had our voice recorder running all night. At one point in reviewing the audio, we hear ourselves both snoring, and the small flashlight we had on the nightstand next to the recorder pick up off the table and immediately drop back onto the nightstand. A few seconds later, we hear the flashlight roll across the nightstand. Having found many Paranormal groups on Facebook, we decided to make a page of our own and post our findings there. We also built this website for those who want nothing to do with Facebook.  

Our Principles

- Be helpful

- Demonstrate passion

- Learn from experience

- Grow skills

Our Beliefs

Our mission is to search for the truth about the "other side". 

We believe that although Orbs can be spirits, not ALL Orbs are spirits. 

We also HOPE to be helpers to those on the "other side" who are looking to pass on one last message to loved ones left behind. 


We believe all claims and evidence should be looked into with an open mind and debunked to the fullest extent.

We believe that spirits walk among us all the time, just in a different light realm than what our eyes can see. 

We believe that the activity our equipment detects is caused by these spirits trying to make their presence known to us or trying to appear in our light realm. 

This is why we believe the best way to capture evidence of their existence is to use equipment designed to see in the light ranges they travel through. 


 And because this is a field where nothing is completely certain and results can never be guaranteed,

we also believe that there should never be a charge to people who come to us seeking answers.