Baker Mansion - Altoona, PA.  and   Royer Mansion - Williamsburg, PA.

Baker Mansion - Altoona, PA   Halloween - 2015  Rob Z, radio host, from local radio station Hot 100 joined us on a ghost hunt when we came across a set of eyes appearing on one of our monitors. We spent 3 hours trying to recreate and debunk what might have been causing those eyes to show on our screens. We could not debunk it. Here is his account of that night as well as the video captured during that investigation.

Spirits dealing out Poker cards in Parlor room of the Baker Mansion

WTAJ-TV10 news crew with us at Royer Mansion - Williamsburg, PA. They decided to sit in a room by themselves and try to make contact with a spirit and freaked out when they got their wish.

All the devices are activated at the Royer Mansion - Williamsburg, PA. when the two news ladies from WTAJ-TV10 Altoona, PA. ask the spirits to make contact with them. Their screaming made it all worth while!

News reporter from WTAJ-TV10 Altoona, PA. is scared to death at the Royer Mansion - Williamsburg, PA. when she feels that she has been touched by something/someone who wasn't there.