Communication with a Civil War Soldier

I'm counting to 10. When I get to 9, the spirit says 10, when I say 10, the spirit says 11 - 12.

Boy in Cemetary...we actually found out who he was, verified by his family. We also had written permission to be in the cemetery after dark.

Photo taken of a bench in a funeral home. The first is the original picture. "B" outlines the figures seen.

Investigators shirt being tugged in a funeral home. 3rd pic is a close up of the point of pull.


Huntingdon, PA Home Investigation

Investigator has cold feeling and SLS shows a figure near him

Spirit known to knock Derby off of hat rack is spotted by SLS trying to push hat off

Little girl spirit known as Emma likes to sit on the tractor in the garage and has been seen by homeowners. SLS captures her.

Question and Answer flashlight session with Emma in basement