On the Air:

JABA's first airing on Central PA Live         WTAJ-TV10 Altoona, PA

The Trailer to our "Take This Job and Love it" with Sarah Swistak from WTAJ-TV10's  "Central PA Live".... November 1, 2013

"Take This Job and Love it" episode

This is a clip of ALL the times JABA has been on TV either taking the local news personalities on a paranormal investigation or being interviewed by the local news stations about our fund raisers. 

Rob Z (FM Hott 100 Altoona Pa) ghost hunt

Nov. 1, 2019, Baughman Cemetery TV10 Morgan Koziar

Alex  from WTAJ-TV10's Central PA Live's ghost hunting with us

Doing an Interview for a

Penn State Altoona project

Due to how it was videoed, it is approximately 15 seconds after clicking start until anything appears on screen

10-31-18 Backseat Driver WTAJ-TV10  Central PA Live

Got Ghost in Blair County